mgmt albüm sonrası teklilerine devam ediyor

mgmt albüm sonrası teklilerine devam ediyor

as you move through the world

2018 çıkışlı Little Dark Age’in ardından Aralık ayında yayınladıkları In The Afternoon ile geri dönüş sinyalleri veren MGMT, yeni teklileri As You Move Through The World’ü dinlemeye açtı.

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Hey all you COVIDS— oops, we mean KIDS, Since we’re still bummed that we won’t be seeing any of you on tour for the time being, we thought we’d go ahead and release our new track, As You Move Through The World, a little early! Everyone knows we all need a 7 and a half minute downtempo ambient instrumental track to listen to while we’re NOT moving through the world. Beginning at midnight Pacific time, you’ll be able to stream it and purchase the track on Bandcamp too if you want to show us some (contactless) love in these dire times. We’ll also be hawking a limited edition T-shirt, so you can look good while you’re hanging out at home with your cats. For those of you who pre-ordered ITA vinyl, you’ll get a digital download of the new track, and we’re still on track to ship out your vinyl by the end of March, barring any further apocalyptic scenarios. By popular demand, we’re also re-opening sales for the limited edition ITA vinyl and t-shirt. Mexico & Houston we’ll get to you, we promise! We’re actively working on rescheduling those shows and you’ll be hearing from us very soon. You can get the most up-to-date info by signing up for our mailing list. You can find everything you need to listen/buy/sign-up at the link in our bio. Stay healthy everyone, and don’t forget to spritz your mitts! love, MGMT

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Andrew VanWyngarden ve Ben Goldwasser’ın ortak projesi MGMT, geçtiğimiz ay corona virüsü temalı, Oh No Corona adında bir dans şarkısı kaydettiklerini duyurmuş fakat işler ciddiye binince şarkının demosunu rafa kaldırmışlardı. İkili yine de boş geçmeyip bir yeni tekliyi dinlemeye açtı.

Aralık ayında yayınlanan In The Afternoon’un B yüzü olarak 12 inç’lik plak formatında yayınlanacak As You Move Through The World için hemen aşağı alalım.